Comprehensive Training:

Escrow Process
Mortgage Process
Short Sales
HUD Homes
VA Homes
Internet & Websites
Using the MLS
How to Use Lockboxes
How to Show Homes
New Home Sales
How to Hold Open Houses
1031 Exchanges
Sales and Goal Plannng
Overcoming Objections
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Where real estate agents become top producing superstars! provides the most comprehensive post-licensing training available online.

The most up-to-date technologically advanced training, videos, marketing, ideas, and techniques to become a top producer.

Now that you have your real estate license, what do you do? keeps you on track to have a successful real estate career! Learn what the Pro's do to stay ahead of the competition and be successful.

Basic real estate school only teaches you how to pass the state test, Real E teaches you real life real estate! Everything from how to take a listing, do a listing presentation, write contracts, hold open houses, show homes, how to use lockboxes, what to say or not to say to Buyers & Sellers. How to market yourself, and develop leads, develop a database, use the Internet and the latest in technology to become successful.

You too can become a Top Producer, and enjoy all of the financial benefits of a successful real estate career.
Exclusive Three Week Fast Start Program

Our three week fast start program is designed to get new and experienced agents up and running fast. walks you through the day-by-day steps with online videos and tutorials, and all of the tools online necessary to work and train from home. This training is broken down into three weeks, giving you step by step instructions to complete each week so your not lost or wondering why your phone isn't ringing. Many experienced agents aren't even doing 30% of the recommended steps from this program. New agents can make sales right away with this program. Experienced agents can easily increase their listings and sales from 1 per month to 7-10 listings and sales per month, and more.

The number one Real Estate career training site!

Where Real Estate Agents become Superstars!

Complete online post-licensing real estate training system.
Technology Training
Become a Top Producer with the most up-to-date techniques used by today's professionals.

Complete online training written by Top Producers

Work & train from home

The best real estate training videos

Customizable Listing & Sales presentations included

Stay ahead of the competetion with technology training

Learn the 50 best online real estate tools under $50

Learn how to get the best real estate website w/leads
Realtor Job Placement
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has working relationships with existing companies to recommend the best job placement to enhance your real estate career. has Broker subsidized programs for existing agents. See the Pricing Page, or consult with your Broker.
"After 20 years in real estate, Real E's online training is the best I've ever seen. My real estate career has really skyrocketed since I started this program. I highly recommend to all new and experienced real estate agents."

- Brad Wood
 Open House Realty is great for Real Estate Brokerages looking to reduce costs and overhead by turning to this online training solution. See Pricing Page for special Brokerage Package pricing. This can be a great recruiting tool for your Brokerage. 
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